Domestic and International
Dave and Shannon Garnaat
Natural Dam Arkansas
We are located in the N.W. corner of Arkansas 15 miles N of I-40
for easy pick up and delivery of your animals.
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Liberty Hills Jack Nasty BUCK DOB 1-6-13
MSFGA # 3439 MGR #A8442

Sold now living in the U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) at a private zoo of a Sheikh Crown Prince!!!
We have made multiple trips to the United Arab Emirates to deliver our fainting goats and other exotic breeds of sheep and goats. International shipping is very time consuming but is possible as long as your country allows importation of whatever animal you are looking to import and we can meet their requirements. It can also be very expensive and there are only a few airports in the USA that offer international live animal export. There are also lots of tests that have to be performed, many hours of paperwork and vetting involved. Please feel free to contact us to talk about getting your goat!

In the continental U.S.A. shipping is possible through ground shippers of which I know a few and can help you find the best rate. Its also possible to arrange us to haul short distances and when we go on vacation we sometimes will bring goats along to where we are going contact for more details.

Airline shipping gets a bit more tricky and expensive since we are at least 2 hrs from the nearest pet shipping airport depending on what domestic airline you use. I can and will work with you in getting a goat air shipped but please be aware it is more expensive, contact me for more details. Most domestic airlines have adopted a "no horned animal" policy so that makes domestic air shipping a bit more involved. 

As a special service to our customers, we are now going to offer "Hot Shot" services of our goats straight from our farm to yours. There will be limitations (depending on time of year we will not be able to leave the farm at all) and it will not be the cheapest way to get your goats but you will have much more biosecurity and the animals will take the absolute most direct route to your door. 
Contact us for a pricing quote. Please understand that this is not the least expensive way to get your goat but it will offer the least amount of actual travel time with no exposure to other farms' animals and I will be there to personally take care of your goats in route. We have found that some of our customers would prefer this so we decided to offer it to everyone. Please feel free to contact me for more information.  
The following are some pictures of one of our trips to the UAE