Welcome to our farm on the net.
We are a family operated farm living in and enjoying the beautiful Ozark National Forest. We are breeding, raising and selling quality registered Myotonic/ Fainting goats.

Myotonic goats are known by many different names including Tennessee Fainting goats, scare goat, wooden leg goat, nervous goat and many others. Most folks call them fainting goats. We usually kid in Mid March.

Myotonia Congenita is a hereditary condition that causes prolonged muscle contractions when the animal gets startled. Fainting causes no harm, does not hurt them in any way. We love the fainters demure nature and resistance to parasites. 

We are a proud member of the MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry). All animals over one year will be sold with Negative results for  CL, CAE and Johne's all under one year will come with parents negative test results. Enjoy your virtual tour of our place. Let us know if there is any way we can help you or if you just want to talk farm. 

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Liberty Hill Farms
Registered Fainting Goats 

Reference bucks 
This is Liberty Hills Knightly in a 'dead' faint. He is a very easy fainter and not the exception here on the farm. We try to breed for conformationally correct, strong fainters with heavy muscling. We have horned or polled, mini, medium and a few large size goats to fill your wants and needs. 
Liberty Hills Moonshine. Born 4-3-11 MGR # B3356 MSFGA #2831 Blue and white with Blue eyes! Horned
Sire Hobby Hills Iza Bad Cookie MGR#B1273 MSFGA #1799 
Dam Apache Landing Trixie MGR #A9893 MSFGA #F2305 He is a VERY strong Fainter!!! Dual registered. He is now residing in Missouri we have quite a few of his daughters and a couple of his sons to carry on his lines here at LHM.
Our Bucks
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Dave and Shannon Garnaat
Natural Dam Arkansas
We are located in the N.W. corner of Arkansas 
15 miles N of I-40 for easy pick up and delivery of your animals.
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Apache Landing Bonehead
             in a full faint!

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           2022 kidding is now over and we will be kidding again March 2023, our facebook page is a great place to see what's going on around the farm!

We have now sold and delivered 10 fainting goats to the U.A.E. It was the trip of a lifetime and the goats now live in a private zoo owned by a Sheikh Crown Prince for his children to enjoy!
Isaac and Cosmo.One of the reasons we got into fainting goats was to have a farm animal Isaac could enjoy and its working! Fainting goats are easy to care for, easy to keep in a fence, and easy to love!

A1722 Nazworthy Acres Levi NAZ "Levi" born 5-15-06. Single birth 
Tri colored Brown eyes. Sire A0823 Bending Tree Ranch Marcus NAZ
Dam A0770 OCR Nattie II NAZ. Levi was our first herd sire. He was a very personable fellow who faints easily and throws nice kids. We are proud to have his genetics in his daughters.
Sanes Creek Ranch Alley OOP mgr reg # B3486. Black and white Goulet patterned with ice blue eyes twin
Born 4-24-11 Sire Moonlight Farm Mr Cassanova MGR #A2692 Dam Sanes Creek Ranch Mimi MGR #A2854
Alley OOp is a very strong fainter who has a nice bloodlines, coat pattern and blue eyes too!!
SOLD to a Sheikh in the UAE
Fern Hill Diego MGR# B9556 Born 4-3-13 Sire- 2012 National Champion Woody Creek Farm Datona MGR# A6931 Dam- Fern Hills Aurora MGR B2540 Diego is Chocolate and white, polled, brown eyed and very myotonic.  
Faint Hearted Ranch Moonstruck MGR# C2380 Born 2-7-13 Sire- Elkhorn Hills Moon Ryder MGR# A7958 Dam- Faint Hearted Ranch Fern MGR# B2396. Moonstruck is red and white with silver and tan moonspots, polled with ice blue eyes. Moonstruck was sold to nice farm in Louisiana, we are retaining one of his sons and some of his daughters to carry on his lines here at LHM. 
Wolf River Daniel MGR # B4863 Born 2-11-12 Sire A7798 Hillside Acres Dinger (PGC MGR) Dam A8903 Wolf Rive Thumper. Daniel is chocolate and white, disbudded with marbled blue eyes. We are looking forward to seeing what kids he sires for us in 2018. Daniel is also IFGA registered # H-86685-D
Daniel has been sold, 2018 will be his last kid crop here at Liberty Hills. We have retained a Daniel son and a few daughters to carry on his lineage!
Wallace's Crazy Acres Twister MGR # C5206 born 3-25-15 Sire C2805 Wallace's Crazy Acres Adonis Dam B6645 Shade Tree Acres Gypsy Twist. Twister was a tri colored boy black brown and white he has the flowery pattern is horned and has marbled blue eyes. We lost Twister in fall breeding 2023, we will miss him but have a few of his daughters here to carry on his lines. 

Liberty Hills Montana Bill C4549 Buck born 1-26-15 
Dam Smiths Black Velvet MGR C3444
Sire Faint Hearted Ranch Moonstruck MGR C2380
Twin tri color with tan silver and darker moonspots, polled, blue eyes.
"Montana" is out of some of my favorite doe lines and has produced some super nice kids for us over the years! He has been SOLD and will share his genetics at a new farm Thank You Stephanie! We have retained a son and a few daughters to carry on his lineage here.
Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident MGR# C5302 born 1-16-15 Sire Liberty Hills Moonshine B3356 Dam Wolf River Melody A8667 Blue and white horned with marbled blue eyes. "Neptune" is a son of Liberty Hills Moonshine and is turning out to be a spitting image of him!. 
Pint Size Ranch Jim Dandy MGR# C6620 Born 3-6-2015 
Sire PGC Pint Size Ranch Phoenix A3162 Dam Pint Size Ranch Lana B9254. Jim Dandy aka Teddy is black with brown eyes and polled. He is a SUPER sweet boy and is on the larger side. He lineage is jam packed with show winners and old myotonic lines which I love. Looking forward to kids from him in the future.
SOLD we are keeping a son and a few daughters to carry on his lines here.
Liberty Hills Dark Kisses MGR# D1899 born 1-18-17 Sire Wolf River Daniel MGR# B4863
Dam Apache Landing Smoochie MGR# B3352. "DK" is black with a tiny bit of white, horned with ice blue eyes.  Sold Thank You Lorri!
Liberty Hills Typhoon MGR# C9569 born 4-15-16
Sire Wallace's Crazy Acres Twister MGR# C5206
Dam Liberty Hills Spot On MGR# C4498. 
Liberty Hills Hot N Nasty Buck MGR# D8938 born 1-10-2019.
Dam Liberty Hills Just Peachy MGR D1885
Sire Pint Size Ranch Jim Dandy MGR C6620. 
"Nasty" is producing kids like himself and doing a good job of it!
2024 Kidding is about to begin please see our Facebook page for updates. We will have less kids this year as we only are kidding out 12 does so keep an eye out if you are looking for something in particular. :-)
MGR# F9275 Liberty Hills Flammenwerfer
Born 3-17-23 triplet
Dam E9018 Liberty Hills Fabuloso
Sire C5302 Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident
He is red and white, with dark red dorsal markings and tan and gray moonspots. Horned with ice blue eyes. Should be long skirted.  

He has bred a few does for us for 24 kids and we are excited to see what he produces!. 
More pictures soon.