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Fainting goats make wonderful pets for children, they are very docile in nature and are also very easy to contain in fencing as their myotonia prevents them from jumping as much as goats that do not faint!
 Below you will find a list of some of our available animals. Please see our Kids For Sale for more available kids. Thank You to all of our customers past, present and future!

All adult animals will be sold with negative CL, CAE and Johne's results, if under one year they will be sold with parents negative test results.
Please be aware if you are under the age of 18, I will need to speak to your parent or guardian regarding sales.
We would like to thank everyone who bought goats from us in years past and look forward to working with you in the future! 
Please make all NON REFUNDABLE deposit checks out to Shannon Garnaat. We also take Paypal contact me for information Thank You!
Dave and Shannon Garnaat
Natural Dam Arkansas

We are located in the N.W. corner of Arkansas 15 miles N of I-40
 for easy pick up and delivery of your animals.
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Fainting Goats for Sale in Arkansas / Oklahoma
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2021 kids will be getting USDA small metal tags in ears and will come with a completely filled out registration application with pictures and transfers ready to send in to MGR (Myotonic Goat Registry). This allows me to ship animals without having to worry about the papers getting back in time to meet USDA shipping requirements. Some fairs require tags also and I have decided that tags will be our form of ID from now on. In the past we did Tattoos but it really has gotten cumbersome with new regulations. Doing things this way also allows the buyer to name the animal within reason and avoiding duplicates of goats already in registry under our farm name. 2020 kids will read Liberty Hills L “Your Name Here”, L being the year we are registering (that will change every year). In the past I had to name all animals to get applications off to registry asap in hopes of the papers getting back in time to ship animals at weaning. I am hoping this alleviates some of the frustration for everyone involved.
Please feel free to inquire about anything you see here. All adults are sold up to date on all vaccines, deworming and hoof trimming. All kids will be sold with first shots wormed, feet trimmed and breed-able kids will have MGR completed registration applications and transfers. Wethers $200, MGR Bucks start at $450. MGR Does start at $550. We are willing to barter and will offer multiple purchase discounts, e-mail for more info or pictures.
L-55 Buck (can be a wether) born 3-25-21 single Dam Liberty Hills Coaling D8972 Sire Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident C5302 He is black with a bit of white marbled blue eyes and polled.
He is a very friendly guy. 

L-63 Buck (can be a wether) twin born 3-29-21 Dam Liberty Hills Carolina D8968 Sire Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident C5302 He is brown and white with darker brown points. Brown eyes and horned.

L-71 Wether born 4-15-21 Single Dam Liberty Hills Calamity Jane A8703 Sire Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident C5302 He is white with blue markings, horned with marbled blue eyes.

 Please see our 2022 Breedings page for our 2022 breeding line up. Thank You to all of our customers past, present and future!
We have Adult Does available for sale click on our DOES page for more info. 
MGR# E9024 Liberty Hills K Chaos Born 3-16-20 Sire Pint Size Ranch Jim Dandy MGR# C6620 Dam Liberty Hills Twisted Maggie MGR # D1844. Tri color brown white black with brown eyes and horned. I had planned on keeping him for our program but we are trimming down, I have a 1/2 brother and a lot on his dam's side. He is ready to breed to your nice does this season.  

L-09 buck triplet born 3-14-21 Dam Liberty Hills Star Dust D1860 Sire Liberty Hills Montana Bill C4549. He is tri colored with some roaning. Brown eyes and horned.

L-33 Buck (can be a wether) twin born 3-18-21 Dam Liberty Hills Electrical Storm D4885 Sire Liberty Hills Montana Bill C4549 He is brown and white with darker reddish points polled with blue eyes.