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Fainting goats make wonderful pets for children, they are very docile in nature and are also very easy to contain in fencing as their myotonia prevents them from jumping as much as goats that do not faint!
 Below you will find a list of our breeding pairings for the 2019 kidding season. Please see our Kids For Sale page for available animals. Thank You to all of our customers past, present and future!
Check out our  Kids For Sale   page for available animals for sale!

All animals will be sold with negative CL CAE and Johne's results
Please be aware if you are under the age of 18, I will need to speak to your parent or guardian regarding sales.
Please make all NON REFUNDABLE deposit checks out to Shannon Garnaat. We also take Paypal contact me for information Thank You!
We would like to thank everyone who bought goats from us in years past and look forward to working with you in the future! 
Please See our Kids/For Sale page for all available animals. 
Dave and Shannon Garnaat
Natural Dam Arkansas

We are located in the N.W. corner of Arkansas 
15 miles N of I-40
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Fainting Goats for Sale in Arkansas / Oklahoma
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Liberty Hills Neptune's Trident MGR# C5302 born 1-16-15 Sire Liberty Hills Moonshine B3356 Dam Wolf River Melody A8667
"Neptune" was exposed to the following does. MGR# C8286 Liberty Hills Sunflower Kiss, MGR# C4497 Liberty Hills Little Dove, MGR# D0090 Majic Acres ZooLoo,  MGR# C9571 Wallace's Crazy Acres Cassidy, MGR# C8285 Liberty Hills Blood Lily, MGR# C8416 Liberty Hills Naked Lady, MGR# D1873 Liberty Hills Diego's Dancer, MGR# C4537 Liberty Hills Sensation, MGR# D1871 Liberty Hills Jinny, MGR# D1852 Liberty Hills Bell Star, and MGR# D3688 Wallace's Crazy Acres April expect kids to start arriving just after New Year 2019!
Liberty Hills Montana Bill C4549 Buck born 1-26-15
Dam Smiths Black Velvet MGR C3444
Sire Faint Hearted Ranch Moonstruck MGR C2380
"Montana" was exposed to the following does. MGR# B2639 Liberty Hills Buckskin Sally, MGR# C8290 Liberty Hills Red Clover, MGR# C3141 Wallace's Crazy Acres Willow, MGR# C2810 Wallace's Crazy Acres MiMi,  MGR# C9572 Wallace's Crazy Acres Truffle, MGR# C8341 Wallace's Crazy Acres Lacie, MGR# C8286 Liberty Hills Rivers Kiss, MGR# C3465 Amazing Grace Farms Opal, MGR# D1881 Liberty Hills Betsy, MGR# C2077 Liberty Hills Sequoia, MGR# D1860 Liberty Hills Star Dust, and  MGR# D3689 Liberty Hills Kelli. Expect kids to start arriving just after New Year 2019!
Liberty Hills Dark Kisses D1899 born 1-18-17 Sire Wolf River Daniel MGR# B4863
Dam Apache Landing Smoochie MGR# B3352
"DK" was exposed to the following does- MGR# C8454 Liberty Hills Heliconia, MGR# C8453 Liberty Hills Bird of Paradise, MGR# D1886 Liberty Hills She Wolf, MGR# B8241 Wolf River Blue Diamonds, MGR# C2074 Liberty Hills Dubai, MGR# 8419 Liberty Hills Lotus Flower, MGR# D1833 Liberty Hills Oceans Treasure, MGR# D1841 Liberty Hills Twisted Lace. This is our first season using DK and we are excited to see what he gives us. Expect his kids to start arriving just after the New Year 2019!

MGR# D1844 Liberty Hills Twisted Maggie exposed October 10th due March 2019
Pint Size Ranch Jim Dandy MGR# C6620 Born 3-6-2015 
Sire PGC Pint Size Ranch Phoenix A3162 Dam Pint Size Ranch Lana B9254.
"Twister" was exposed to the following does- MGR# B2641 Liberty Hills Lady Gadiva, MGR# D0092 Majic Acrs Misty-E, MGR# C6513 Wallace's Crazy Acres Symphony, MGR# C3242 Wolf River Jane, MGR# C4344 Brassring Farm Lorelei, MGR# D3688 Wallace's Crazy Acres April, MGR# C2016 Outlaw Farms Twinkle Lil Star,  MGR# C3537 Majic Acres Zanka, and MGR# C8283 Liberty Hills Fairlady, MGR# A8703 Liberty Hills Calamity Jane. Expect kids to start arriving just after the New Year 2019!
Wallace's Crazy Acres Twister MGR # C5206 born 3-25-15 Sire Wallace's Crazy Acres Adonis MGR# C2805 Dam Shade Tree Acres Gypsy Twist MGR# B6645. 
"Teddy" was exposed to the following does- MGR# D2069 Liberty Hills Rosie Posie,  MGR# B5365 Liberty Hills Twisted Sister,  MGR# C8284 Liberty Hills Poppy, MGR# C8291 Liberty Hills Larkspur,  MGR# C6134 Wallaces' Crazy Acres Diamonds,  MGR# B3488 Sanes Creek Ranch Rockin Robin, MGR# D1895 Liberty Hills Montana Hills, MGR# A9900 Liberty Hills Veruka, and MGR# D1885 Liberty Hills Just Peachy. This is our first year using Teddy and we are super excited to see what he throws with our does! Expect kids to start arriving just after the New Year 2019!  
Fern Hill Diego MGR# B9556 Born 4-3-13 Sire- 2012 National Champion Woody Creek Farm Datona MGR# A6931 Dam- Fern Hills Aurora MGR B2540
"Diego" was exposed to MGR# D3687 Wallace's Crazy Acres Larkin,  and MGR# D1845 Liberty Hills Twisted Melody. Diego bred these two does for us this year then went to his new home. He is a nice buck and we hope he does wonderful things at his new home. We have retained quite a few does from him to continue his lineage here.